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Netcare International‘s results are a labor of love  and a conviction that we can, through concerted effort, teamwork and partnerships, bring new products to market and bring our own vision to improving how people work. We’re glad you want to know us, so scroll down to find out a little more about out who we are.

Management plays a critical role in ensuring the success of the company. They provide leadership and direction, and oversight to ensure that the organization is working towards its goals and achieving its objectives.  

The management’s key responsibilities are setting goals and objectives, planning and organizing, staffing and recruiting, managing the finances and performance of the organization. They are also responsible for communication and collaboration within the organization.  

Finn Schnohr

Finn established Netcare International in 2000. He is responsible for providing strategic direction and guidance to the employees. He is also responsible for driving organizational success, managing key relationships, ensuring financial performance and creating a positive and innovative work environment.

The office support department is responsible for providing administrative support to ensure the smooth running of the business operations. 

Basant Kaur
Student employee

Basant studies international business communication and marketing and has joined Netcare International as a student employee since March 2023. Basant’s primary tasks are handling market communications.

Customer support is responsible for providing end-to-end support for SAP Document Management System (DMS) users with issues related to the DMS platform and related systems.  

The team’s overall tasks are providing end-to-end user support for the SAP document management Platform based on a combination of technical expertise, user training, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. By taking a proactive approach to user support, the team can help ensure that the end-users are able to effectively use the system to manage their documents and collaborate with others. The customer support team provides go live support and 8-17 CET end-user support.  

John Barker
Marketing manager

John is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote Netcare International’s products and services. He is also responsible for generating leads and supporting sales growth.

The project department is responsible for managing the strategic projects for Netcare, such as The Elephant and Document Collaboration Hub (DCH) from inception to completion.  

The team’s primary tasks are planning, executing and managing the projects. The team is also responsible for managing resources and measuring the performance of the projects in the organization.  

Bruno Miranda
Support manager
Bruno joined Netcare International in January 2022 and has since then been the Manager of the support team. Bruno’s primary tasks are managing and coordinating the Netcare end-to-end customer support and helping users and team members with issues related to DMS.

Adam Morva
Senior SAP Basis Administrator
Adam joined Netcare International in December 2022 in the support team. Adam is specialized in supporting users and understanding the user experience in using SAP Document Management System (DMS).

Dimitris Bouloubassis
Senior SAP Technical Consultant
Dimitris joined Netcare International in November 2021 and has since then been working in the customer support department. Dimitris’ primary tasks are supporting Document Management System (DMS) and are maintaining extended service such as Housekeeping for the Servers and GRCs.

Ricardo Caramona
DMS Support Consultant
Ricardo joined Netcare International in January 2022. Ricardo Is SEAL specialist of the Document Management System (DMS) support team and are handling and controlling batch related tasks.

Thiago Cabrita de Oliveira
SAP Easy DMS Consultant
Thiago joined Netcare International in June 2022. Thiago works in the customer support department. The focus for Tiago is the customer experience and daily support of End-to-end SAP Document Management System (DMS).

The special operations department is responsible for ensuring that the organization can execute special operations and initiatives that require specialized skills, expertise, or resources. 

Ad hoc projects and Proof of Concepts (PoC) are placed in this department until a project is decided to be of strategic importance for Netcare. All strategic projects are placed in own section under Projects.  

The team is responsible for driving innovation, managing crises, and providing strategic intelligence to support decision-making.  

Periandro Vaz
Azure specialist
Periandro joined Netcare International as a freelancer in the Elephant development but is now advisory in the Elephant team.

David Domingues
Trex & content servers
David joined Netcare International in May 2022. David is currently assigned to Vestas customer and is responsible for functional maintenance and support activities on data search of the SAP DMS landscapes. David’s main focus is to provide technical and functional support to SAP TREX Search and Classification.

Lisette Vapper
Delivery Manager
Lisette joined Netcare International in April 2023. Lisette is responsible for facilitating the delivery of the products. Lisette also ensures good communication flows between the clients and the development team.

The sales and marketing department is responsible for generating revenue by promoting and selling the organization’s products and services to our customers.  

The team’s overall tasks are understanding customer needs, developing and promoting products and services and executing sales strategies to generate revenue. They also build and maintain strong relationships with the customers and utilize digital marketing channels to reach and engage with new and existing customers.  

The Document Collaboration Hub (DCH) is a centralized platform or tool that allows multiple users to work together on a document or project in real-time, regardless of their location. The main principle of DCH is that it will provide document distribution to targeted recepients on demand.

DCH is build with flexible interface (API), which allows the DCH to integrate with various documents management systems while ensuring that the document owner does not have to make any changes to the internal document management system. DCH does not store any documents, but they are created when requested. 

Edgar Svazas
Product support
Edgar joined Netcare international in September 2022. Edgar works in the support team, where he provides DMS software training, runs technical support and writes technical guidelines for DMS as well.

Dinu Poz
Dinu joined Netcare International in January 2023 and has since then been working as a senior azure developer. Dinu’s primary tasks are involving in all aspects of development and integration.

Michal Grabka
Junior development
Michal joined Netcare International in May 2023 and is a junior developer. Michal primary tasks are development related activities for Front-End development using Angalur, Back-End using .Net Core and Cloud solutions using Microsoft Azure.

Istvan Safar
Senior SQL Developer and Senior .NET Developer
As a Senior SQL Developer and Senior .NET Developer, Istvan brings extensive expertise in SQL Server development, performance tuning, and .NET application development. With a track record of successfully updating legacy applications to modern technology stacks. Istvan’s skills in SQL query performance tuning, database administration, and security management have consistently contributed to the success of Netcare’s projects.

The Elephant is a feature rich and intuitive SAP DMS Interface. The Elephant offers various features such as significant cost savings, automatic updates to match SAP-versions, deployable on multiple browsers and adaptable to specific requirements. It requires minimal impact for implementation with simple training requirements. 

Pawel Szczepanik
Product specialist
Pawel joined Netcare International in 2020 and is SAP UI5 and ABAP Developer. Pawel develops and supports both frontend (SAP UI5/Fiori) and backend (ABAP) of The Elephant, including integration between them (oData Services).


Netcare International has been building advanced solutions for the IT industry since the beginning of 2000. After a while we started to deliver resources and consultancy to highly complex projects and programs where clients were finding problems difficult to solve.

During one particular project we created a task force to look in detail at the DMS frontend and found that a number of user and system requirements  were practically unavailable. Some of these were known problems but solutions to solve them were not being developed.
Based on these findings the seed for “The Elephant” , as a product, was sown.

Once the decision was taken for creating a flexible, advanced solution with an intuitive interface, “The Elephant” was born.
Having described the principle to SAP we were recognized as an SAP Developer partner. In order to move to the market with “The Elephant” we have entered into a partnership with Intelligent FrontEnd Solution (IFS) who will support the sales and operations whilst Netcare International will do the Research & Development .

Thorough testing with a valued partner and further improvements to the product’s functionality has brought us to the point of being able to proudly offer  “The Elephant” to the market. A product that without a doubt will enhance the way you utilise the SAP DMS front end.



Founded in 2001 with the purpose of offering advanced support and consultancy to the Telecommunication industry and the Energy sector.


Founded DashSoft, providing advanced solution for telco and the production industry. DashSoft branched off in 2016 and is today a part of Concia, handling Cloud solutions


Company structure changed from private owned to APS.


Completed the development of “The Elephant” offering a new era of front-end possibilities for SAP Document Management Systems (SAP DMS).
The test phase started in November 2019 with two key customers.
A subsidiary – Intelligence Frontend Solutions – is established in the US in order to offer seamless support in multiple timezones.


The Elephant was released to the market 


Launch of the Document Collaboration Hub (DCH) concept and entering into a deeper technical dialogue with various stakeholders on the market to define a software service product. 


Support Office opens in Lisbon,Portugal
A major milestone is reached as we expand our customer service with a dedicated support centre offering SAP DMS support services and other assistance to our clients worldwide.


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