SAP DMS - Mass Document Creation


We are very proud of “The Elephant”, our feature rich interface for SAP DMS and are sure you will be impressed too once you see it in action. Over the next few weeks we will highlight some of the main features that make it such a valuable addition to your SAP frontend.


Creating a single document is, as all users will know, fairly straightforward in SAP DMS or EasyDMS and for very small organisations this might be all they ever need to do but what happens when you need to create hundreds or even thousands of documents that utilise the same metadata and structures ? It now becomes an extremely time consuming and labour intensive operation – time that could be more effectively spent on other tasks.

With “The Elephant” this was one of the key factors we addressed when our association with Vestas Wind Systems began and they told us how invaluable an efficient Mass Document Creation function would be to their business.

Of course it was imperative that, like all our apps in “The Elephant”, it fitted seamlessly into the Fiori Launchpad so the user felt comfortable using it from the get go.

By following simple steps we are able to create multiple documents of a similar type, load the meta data via an excel template and test before finalising the mass creation. It really is a straightforward process we have created that can’t fail to impress.


  • Download a spreadsheet with relevant header fields, classification and object links based on SAP DMS document type customizations
  • Header & Classification data is delivered using simple Excel templates
  • Ability to add multiple documents to existing structures in one process
  • Demo mode available to validate before loading information and documents into the system


Of course the best way for you to see these excellent features is to join us for a demonstration, it will take up very little of your day but will certainly be time well spent. You may have specific queries or functionality that is currently unavailable so bring those along too and we will do our very best to address these.

We look forward to showing you all the great functionality of  “The Elephant”

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