At Netcare International our partnerships continue to flourish as we pool our expert resources with other like-minded and innovative companies to achieve great results.

We are very proud of the latest solution from our cooperation with SEAL Systems AG to provide an efficient and unique ‘Safety Alert’ system for VESTAS Wind Systems A/S solving the issue of automating the secure and immediate distribution of essential documentation to the correct people when critical conditions occur.

With the user interface based on the front-end solution provided by “The Elephant” from Netcare International and the processing of information achieved through the Digital Process Factory by SEAL Systems we were able to achieve the perfect solution.

As the news of the successful implementation spread through the company other departments are now looking to have their outdated document-related processes updated by the SEAL-Netcare Team.

Please follow the link below for a more detailed explanation of this successful project and don’t forget that if you are currently facing a problem or missing some functionality and would like to see if we can provide a possible solution then do get in touch.