Netcare International place great emphasis on working together with our customers. There’s a huge reward in knowing you can help someone achieve their goal whether they’re an individual, a company, a startup or an intern. We have made it our own personal task to deliver such success to each and every one of our users. Not only is this a continuous journey of learning and improvement, it’s a journey we are undertaking together.

A great example of forging these partnerships is our successful and ever evolving relationship with Vestas Wind Systems. The realisation that they would soon be faced with many difficult decisions over their SAP DMS operations led them to our door. Read below how we have worked creatively together to solve these difficulties.

We’d love to do the same with you.


Netcare International - Vestas
Netcare International - Crayon
Netcare International - Seal Systems
Netcare International - Vestas
Netcare International - Vestas


Netcare International is proud to announce our partnership with Microsoft as an Azure Partner. This collaboration signifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and leveraging Microsoft’s powerful Azure cloud platform. As an Azure Partner we are poised to enhance our services, ensuring greater scalability, security and innovation for our clients.

This strategic alliance reinforces Netcare’s position at the forefront of technological advancements, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital era.

We look forward to unlocking new possibilities and delivering unparalleled value to our clients through this dynamic partnership.


We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Crayon to help drive significant growth and higher exposure in the market as we push our products in the realm of Document Management.

With so much rapid expansion going on in the company including a re-launch of The Elephant to a cloud based front-end solution for SAP as well as the approval for our Document Collaboration Hub (DCH) we found an essential need for a partner who understood our products and how to effectively push them to market.

Following an introduction from Microsoft, Crayon’s expertise in optimising cloud spend has already created significant cost savings

“Crayon helped Netcare receive better support and restructured their Microsoft Azure subscriptions and tenant billing arrangements. Our experts also provided an improved solution for the Microsoft Partner Center. We are now migrating their resources from Pay-as-you-go to a Cloud Solution Partner agreement and scaling for full production.”
 Daiana Agav, Azure Business Development Manager at Crayon,


We are currently working together on a joint campaign to ensure we penetrate the market in the most efficient and risk free way.

Finn Schnohr, Founder and CEO at Netcare sums it up very well 
“We’ve been part of the industry for 25 years, yet few people have heard of what we do. So, I realized this next adventure requires a partner that provides what we can’t.”

Exciting times lie ahead

Netcare International & Vestas


Our partnership with Vestas Wind Energy was formed from their realisation that their current Document Management System was facing many issues that needed to be addressed particularly with the knowledge of the forthcoming decommissioning of SAP EasyDMS and how this would affect their 6000 plus installations.

Vestas needed a replacement BUT there was nothing suitable out there.

Having researched and looked for alternatives we were delighted to form a partnership – ideal for Vestas as we were in Beta Phase which offered them the wonderful opportunity to be able to influence which way our product would go and between us  we were able to fine tune our product.


The key to our partnership with Vestas is that when they have spoken, we have listened.

Their valued input and desire to create a product that will not only replace EasyDMS but also provide new and improved features has been immeasurable.

  • When we have been told something is not quite right – We fix it
  • When new and relevant functionalities are suggested – We supply them

So we have continued to test, continued to adjust and watched The Elephant grow and thanks to  this successful partnership with Vestas it is now at a stage where we are prepared to go to market.

You can read more about this journey we have taken together in our News section here >>

Find out more about Vestas Wind Energy here

SEAL Systems


SEAL Systems and Netcare International entered a mutually beneficial partnership on the 14th of September 2020. Through an initial project inquiry from a well-known Danish company the starting shot was fired to initiate this new cooperation. The intentions of both companies are focused on creating a technical collaboration for building a service based, information distribution platform for SAP managed documents. The overall mission is to team up in order to benefit from each other’s strengths and provide both their existing and new customers with better services from both product portfolios by profiting from identified synergies.

Netcare International and SEAL Systems complement each other perfectly

Netcare International – a specialist in front end development and SAP Services – was established 20 years ago in Denmark and has been developing advanced and complex IT solutions for a range of industries since then.

Netcare’s mission is to make complex usability look easy.

SEAL Systems – a market leader in solutions for printing, conversion, distribution and publishing – has gained profound know-how and experience during the past 40 years and has performed over 1,500 installations in over 35 countries for a variety of industries . Also, as a certified SAP partner, more than 1,000 SAP integrations were successfully implemented and customers appreciate SEAL’s professionalism. SEAL Systems offers its solutions all around the world and has headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in Australia, France and the US.

SEAL Systems’ vision is to continue to build first class IT products for the distribution of information to master today’s demand for increasing digitalization.

Both innovative and fast-paced companies are looking forward to successfully winning the initial project inquiry and following that to a prosperous business relationship where teamwork and common software development will be taken to a higher level of excellence.

This is what Johnnes Hesel, COO of SEAL Systems, and Finn Schnohr, founder of Netcare International, say about the newly formed partnership.

SEAL Systems

“The solutions of NetCare International in the area of user guidance for SAP DMS and our solutions and know-how in the environment of document-based processes for SAP complement each other strongly. Together, we can automate our customers’ document related processes in SAP and simplify them significantly via intuitive user guidance. This creates a high added value for our customers.” 

Johannes Hesel, COO SEAL Systems

“SEAL Systems capability for content output solutions is a foundation for many SAP DMS users and together we will bring a new generation of user experience to the market, enhancing the SAP DMS platform” 

Finn Schnohr, Founder Netcare International


We are very excited to have formed a partnership with NTT DATA Business Solutions to help us drive business forward particularly in the SAP DMS market.

NTT Data Business Soilutions has extensive experience in working with its customers to simplify the modern complexities of business and technology, delivering insights, solutions and above all else great results.

By combining in-depth expertise in the field of SAP solutions, digital innovation, cloud and automation through a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services, applications, infrastructure and business processes they are the perfect partner for Netcare International.

Netcare International’s  software solution provides a future proof, comprehensive and effective solution based on SAP DMS functionality and the partnership between us provides more options for SAP DMS customers throughout NTT DATA’s extensive network, in over 30 countries and with more than 10,000 SAP experts.

We look forward to developing this relationship over the coming years.

“The partnership between NTT DATA Business Solutions and Netcare International gives further options for the SAP DMS customers worldwide. The unique solution of Netcare International provides a future proof, comprehensive and quick solution based on the SAP DMS functionality.”

Gabor Nagy, Business Unit Director SuccessFactors & Telco

“Entering into this partnership with NTT Data Business Solutions it is my firm belief that both of our companies will achieve a stronger foundation and we are now in a position to supply our customers with more efficient and  cost effective solutions that very few companies – if any – can offer.”

Finn Schnohr, Founder Netcare International


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