Our partnerships with other innovative companies are an extremely important part of what we do and so we thought it nice to highlight some of the personnel we have had the pleasure to work with in these successful collaborations.

SEAL Systems AG provides information and document distribution systems. The Company develops output management solutions, tools for conversion of documents, digital document archiving, and direct publishing solutions. SEAL Systems caters to the automotive, manufacturing, engineering, medical, and retail sectors world-wide.

Today we talk to…

Account Manager

What is your main role at SEAL Systems ?

Having joined SEAL Systems in Spring last year as an Account Manager, I found myself quickly comfortable with international projects where not only profound language skills are needed but also the right portion of finesse and intuition are very helpful. So I know how different my customers from Saudi-Arabia or Italy for example are compared to the German or Central European ones in regard of mentality and project handling. That quite often helps when the goal is to achieve “quick” results and business deals. At the end if potential customers from Italian, Spanish or Arab speaking countries knock on our door they usually end up with me.

What is the background to the relationship with Netcare International ?

When I started at SEAL Systems last year it was planned to join Johannes Hesel, our managing director, to meet up with Finn Schnohr, founder of Netcare International, in Denmark but then came the Corona Virus – as we all know – and plans changed, nevertheless communication stayed and even intensified as a common customer – Vestas – needed support from both of us. After we realized that we were perfectly matched not only from the technical point of view but also with our forward thinking attitude we decided to take our symbiosis to another level and focus on a cooperation that exceeded the Vestas project. We initiated a partnership and continued with the project for Vestas who also accepted and strongly endorsed the official cooperation. In fact as the team work went well they helped spread the word of our successful partnership and assign us follow-up-projects.

What areas of expertise do SEAL Systems have and how do they compliment the services from Netcare International?

We, as SEAL Systems, with more than 40 years of market leadership in the field of distributing, converting, processing and publishing of documents and data have gained a lot of knowledge and expertise in the enterprise output management in the past. As an SAP partner and with most of the customers using SAP as their main ERP system we often noticed that our clients were unhappy with their user interface so, as our core skills are in the SAP backend, the marriage with Netcare, who have great frontend expertise, was a great win-win for both of us. From now on we can please customers demands on both sides and offer a full service at front and back end.

What projects have been completed between the two teams ?

Actually, I see SEAL Systems and Netcare International as one team not two as we work so closely together on these projects. Our most recent success story was the development of a much needed Safety Alert System for Vestas Wind Energy which automates the secure and rapid distribution of crucial documentation to the correct personnel when critical conditions occur. It was a successful combination of Netcare’s interface “The Elephant” with SEAL Systems processing the information through their Digital Process Factory. It is so rewarding to see these systems implemented and appreciated by the users but also how it encourages requests for other functionality to document related processes and we are really looking forward to getting our heads together once more.

How have you found managing this relationship with everyone working remotely?

At first we had to get used to the “new form” of team work working mainly from home but quickly we found out that the fact of working 100% remotely did not lower our ambition nor enthusiasm and in fact it gave us more flexibility with team members participating from all over the world and the only bottleneck was to respect different time zones – unfortunately it is always early in the morning for someone. New and improved communication software as teams or GoToMeeting made collaboration even easier and once we all learnt not to be “on mute” it worked very well !

Are there any plans in place for future projects?

Oh yes, we have already communicated with other customers who need to improve front end services and usability coupled with back end functionality in regard of enterprise output solutions. We always include the other party as early as possible whenever we see it fits well. So both sides have done this in the last weeks and I am confident it will happen more often as we see the market has more demand for such a “solution-bringing-teamwork” like ours.

Thanks very much to Basem and we look forward to completing many more successful projects with you and the team at SEAL Systems AG.

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