It is great to achieve success and with it brings the opportunity to share that with others and we are happy to be able to support charities and organisations that really need support from industry and the public in order to continue with the great work that they do.

We are delighted to be supporting a fantastic charity, Danish Hospital Clowns, who provide a much needed service to children hospitalised in Denmark. Each year more than 75,000 children are admitted to hospital and Hospital Clowns strive to bring joy and resilience to these youngsters at what can be a traumatic and frightening time.

At the moment the team consists of over 60 clown members and also a bunch of apprentices ready to step up to full time work. They are professionals having undergone 1-1.5 years training specifically targeted towards this area and the training is internationally recognised.

In addition to ‘classic’ clown training they are also taught skills in relationship building, neuropsychology and how to successfully collaborate with the staff. These additional skills have taken them beyond standard hospitals and since 2016 they have also worked at several of the country’s child and adolescent psychiatric departments and in 2018 they entered into collaboration with residential facilities for children with severe autism.

To find out more about the amazing work the Hospital Clowns do click HERE