We are in a privileged position at Netcare International and realise we are able to provide support to charities and organisations to help them continue their great work or to assist us in reaching out to audiences we would otherwise not usually connect with.


We realise that the success of our endeavours allows us to help and support charities to assist in their great work they do particularly when it benefits local communities.

One company that we are happy to support is Hospital Clowns a fantastic organisation that brings comfort and joy through their whimsical antics and cheerful personas to children undergoing treatments in hospitals.

Through laughter and play, these dedicated performers contribute to creating a more comforting and supportive environment within hospital walls.

Netcare’s involvement in supporting the Hospital Clowns program reflects the company’s belief in the healing power of compassion and the importance of holistic healthcare.


Netcare International - Gaming

We have recently entered the world of e-gaming with sponsorship of a car in the virtual racing world participating in the Le Mans series. With the huge surge in e-gaming participation we see this as an opportunity to engage with a broader audience and by endorsing a driver in the  series, known for its challenging races and strategic gameplay, Netcare is aligning itself with the excitement of digital sports.

This sponsorship not only allows Netcare to connect with the gaming community but also demonstrates its flexibility in adapting to evolving trends in technology and sports. It is more than just a branding strategy for Netcare, it also reflects Netcare’s dedication to staying abreast of industry trends.

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