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Drawing its name from the well known analogy of the elephant in the room: where everybody knows it’s there but are chosing to ignore it, we realised that this was the situation with the front end to SAP Document Management (SAP DMS) where the future decommissioning of several features was known about but no one was making an effort to find a replacement.

With our highly skilled developers and working in partnership with Vestas Wind Systems to answer specific requirements we  have arrived at a solution that will not only fill the missing capabilities that EasyDMS offered but also offer many advanced features to further enhance your working practices.

Netcare International - Enhancements to SAP DMS

Application built on latest architectural principles ensuring  stable and high performing environment with minimum demands on network and workstation capacity, Integrated as part of your SAP installation.

An improved, efficient and rapid search functionality utilising multiple search parameters

Enhanced management to ensure secure access and visibility of sensitive documents

Create & change multiple documents at once saving hours of time and significantly improving efficiency in your day-to-day DMS operations.

Integrated into your FIORI launchpad in both look and feel and installed directly into SAP there is little effect on business as usual before and after installation.

Take full control over the creation and management of complex document structures.

SAP DMS interface - FAQ

Answers to a few common questions about our feature rich SAP DMS interface. If you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We do our best to answer here all the common questions you might have – but we understand every system is different and every user has different needs, so if you don’t find any answer to your particular questions here, don’t hesitate to contact us here support@netcare.international and we’ll do our best to help.

A feature-rich and intuitive SAP DMS interface developed to replace EasyDMS which is approaching its end-of-life offering advanced features and a seamless UI.

It is an enhancement to the SAP DMS interface and while it offers all the functionality of EasyDMS it also has several advanced features

EasyDMS is being fully decommissioned by 2025 and and the alternatives are not a like-for-like replacement, therefore some of the current functionality will not be there. “The Elephant” offers the existing functionality plus  new and advanced features.

As long as you have a standard stable network connection “The Elephant” will work efficiently and there is no need for any increased bandwidth.

“The Elephant” is a browser-based product and so very little strain is put on workstations whereas previously high RAM capacity and CPU performance were required.

Whilst “The Elephant” has all the functionality of EasyDMS  it also has plenty of  advanced features, including :

  • Advanced Search capability
  • Mass Document Creation
  • Mass Document Change
  • Advanced Structures
  • User Groups

Yes, with our Mass Creation Application you can do this easily from an Excel template file.

Our Advanced Search application allows you to search by a whole range of criteria including characteristics.
Apart from using The Elephants‘ search functionality, you can also easily subscribe to documents which will allow you to efficiently navigate between all documents.

At present your subscription to “The Elephant” is the compete collection of services however in future Netcare International will be able to offer existing single OData services as well as development of customer-specific requirements to create solutions designed for your exact needs.

Having implemented  20+ OData elements we now have a solid base  for development and integration into front end functions of the SAP DMS environment.

We have a dedicated staff to help with installation and ensure there is minimum impact on your day to day operations as well as post installation support and to discuss any suggestions regarding new functionality you may be interested in.

It is installed using standard SAP transports so no need to worry about any new and complex installation methods.

Absolutely. Please get in touch with us to arrange a demonstration to walk you through our product and to show you our advanced features.


Once you have subscribed you can of course implement the transports into your SAP Development System.

Please contact us directly for a more detailed discussion about our product. info@netcare.international


To find out more about how “The Elephant” can enhance your SAP DMS working environment and improve efficiency and revenue please get in touch with us. Whether you would like a demonstration, a discussion or have specific issues that need solving we look forward to hearing from you.


As our SAP DMS interface continues to evolve and the services we can offer increase,  Netcare International always places great emphasis on working together with our customers. There’s a huge reward in knowing you can help someone achieve their goal whether they’re an individual, a company, a startup or an intern. We have made it our own personal task to deliver such success to each and every one of our users. Not only is this a continuous journey of learning and improvement, it’s a journey we are undertaking together.

Our relationships with VESTAS WIND ENERGY & SEAL SYSTEMS are testament to how much we help each other to achieve results.
Read more about these partnerships  HERE

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