Vestas Part 4 – Reactivation of priorities…

Yes, we are still going strong and moving forward. The worldwide slowdown during the current pandemic affected us, true. But we kept on working towards the future. We have continued to upgrade our SAP DMS solution with Netcare and The Elephant.

Today our first business ADMIN user started testing the UI5 environment. This is a critical step in our journey to replace SAP EasyDMS. This outdated Document Management System is becoming more and more of an issue for us at Vestas. We face problems as the back end improves but SAP EasyDMS stands still.

But let’s talk about our integration of The Elephant solution for Document Management System in SAP. We chose to have an ADMIN user dedicated to the project. This way, we can get a firsthand user’s impression.

This means we are focusing on the user’s experience. We are making sure it is easy to operate, and fulfills the user’s needs. We want to be confident that our users will be entirely satisfied with this change and will adapt quickly to the new environment.

Obviously, we have plenty of architectural and non-functional requirements. Those are being trialled by our specialists. But we also test the user’s perspective. We wish our people—those who will work daily with this DMS—to be listened to from the very first steps of the integration.

An important stage has begun today. In the next update, we will report on what we have found.

Needless to say, The Elephant has brought plenty of improvements compared to our present solution. There are many new capabilities in the forthcoming release.

Some examples are onboard structures, templates, optimized approval functions for access to Document Information Record (DIR)—including user groups—, drag and drop between windows…

But more about this will be available soon.

We are now full steam ahead and looking forward to going live towards the fall of 2020.

Netcare International & Vestas