Vestas Part 6 – Get ready for The Elephant: A new user interface for SAP DMS

The Elepaht - Netcare and Vestas

Every day, thousands of Vestas employees rely on one of three different user interfaces for SAP’s document management system (DMS). The SAP DMS is used to access the millions of files and documents stored in Vestas’ SAP Enterprise Core, and is needed to track orders, develop new products, manage inventory and much more. This makes the SAP DMS and the connected user interfaces business-critical systems for Vestas.

Soon, we will deploy a new user interface for SAP DMS called The Elephant, which will replace one of the current user interfaces, SAP EasyDMS.

The SAP DMS user interface update will support several business goals. We expect to land significant improvements to usability, performance and productivity as well as reducing operational and support costs.

In practice this will provide a more robust user experience and reduce unproductive use of time.

Benefits of The Elephant

The deployment of The Elephant will ease daily document management for all users through a more intuitive browser-based user interface and new application possibilities. Examples of improved usability include better document handling, easier creation of document structures, better capabilities for mass creation and change, support for user groups and improved content search.

For those of you that are users of SAP EasyDMS the update will make working with document management a more positive and productive experience and should significantly reduce the number of support tickets generated to assist users with SAP DMS related issues. SAP EasyDMS is a product in a late lifecycle stage, where further product development has been restricted, and lately, we have seen a slow response on support tickets. This challenge will be resolved with this new SAP DMS user interface.

New support structure

When deploying The Elephant  we will also implement a new support structure, drastically changing the way support issues are handled and experienced by the user. The new support system is able to identify specific problems and present probable solutions based on a wide selection of use cases, which will be a significant improvement to the more generic support format known today. In addition, the development team behind The Elephant will be part of the support structure.

 With the transition to The Elephant  we get a technical foundation for document management that is future proof and compatible with new ways of working with documents and with the SAP S/4HANA platform, which is SAP’s latest intelligent ERP system. This is essential for the continuous improvement of document management, including automating a greater percentage of tasks. In 2023, the goal is for 30 percent of all document management to be automated.

 The Elephant also provides a better platform for developing new features and functionality for SAP DMS. For example, by enabling content as a service, where external services can utilize SAP content and metadata. 

What does the process look like?

Phasing out SAP EasyDMS will happen gradually so employees have the time to adjust to the new system. We will introduce employees to the new features and user interface over time through instructional blog posts and other training depending on user roles. Communication about the project will utilize a number of relevant channels, including HUB stories intranet blogposts, video, Yammer and Teams chat.

The change will take place in multiple stages, first focusing on the dedicated users, then the broad rollout where the remaining users are introduced to the system.

During the first phase, dedicated users will be actively involved through test projects to ensure their input and support for the project. Many of these dedicated users will function as ambassadors for The Elephant and contribute to the program getting off to a good start within the organization. They are co-responsible of supporting the remaining occasional users in their new routines in the system.

Planned full launch of The Elephant to all users is currently during October 2021.

More Information

For more information regarding The Elephant and how it can help you then please read through the website and get in touch to request a demonstration and we will be happy to talk you through all the advanced features that will help create a more productive and cost effective environment for you.


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