The Elephant: A new way of using SAP DMS

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As our relationship with Vestas Wind Energy continues to flourish what better way to get a detailed understanding of the range of benefits available once The Elephant is installed than from a trusted client who is actually using it.

Vestas it’s over to you…

Document management in SAP will be much easier with The Elephant, our new user interface for SAP DMS. Here we introduce the key principles behind The Elephant and demonstrate two new time-saving apps: Mass Document Creation and Mass Document Change.

Recently, we announced the deployment of The Elephant, which will replace EasyDMS as one of the interfaces for using our SAP DMS. Now, we dive a bit deeper and introduce dedicated SAP users to some of the changes that are coming.

We also introduce two new apps, Mass Document Creation and Mass Document Change, which make some of the most tedious aspects of document management easier and faster.

Future architecture – today!

The feedback from dedicated SAP DMS users was a significant factor, when we selected The Elephant as the replacement for EasyDMS. In particular, usability and stability were at the top of the list for requirements. And we trust that you will agree that The Elephant delivers on this.

For starters, The Elephant works in any browser (Chrome is our personal favorite), so you can access SAP documents from any location, as long as you have internet access.

In addition, The Elephant also provides a better platform for developing new features and functionality, including more automation. In this context, it is worth mentioning content as a service, where external services can utilize SAP content and metadata, as project owner Per Møller Zanchetta explains:

“You can think of services as bricks, each one with its individual meaning and capability. For example, you can enter the Key (Type/Number/Version/Part) for a specific Document Information Record (DIR) and receive a full answer about its status and classification. Services can be combined as part of an orchestration. This is generic, so all Document Types are usable for system calls on any page, for example inside Teams or in PTC without opening SAP or even The Elephant.”  says Per Møller Zanchetta

As we have shown before The Elephant uses apps to gather the functions and capabilities where they belong. For instance, you can get fast access to DIR through the Overview App and handle structures in the Structure App.

The apps in  The Elephant:

  • Overview
  • Documents
  • User Groups
  • Structures
  • Advanced Search
  • Mass Document Creation
  • Mass Document Change
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More Information
To find out more about The Elephant‘s functionality then please click here and for a full demonstration then please get in touch